Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Volunteers on camp

Hi there.

After 19+ years it was rather strange for me to see someone else in the same predicament I was as a mother of a young girl.

Yes I probably was as weary then as you are today. It was for this reason that when we moved down to this area and our oldest actually started camping through girl guides that I became involved as a parent on the camps that both daughters of our were attending.  A good and positive side to protecting our own young I felt then and still do now.  I thank you for your open feelings.

When you are ready there is a way around this predicament you find yourself in.  Yes I hated having the feeling of 'betwicx and between'. You know what I mean.

The simple way of satisfying all is choosing to staff on the camp activities.  Simply you fill out the Guide Centers Police Check and a seperate Working with children's check which takes several months.I notify Guide Center that you would like to volunteer.  The volunteer coordinator phones you and you confirm your restrictions on volunteering.

You then work as a team member for just that/those activities of which you have a voice in their design, implimentation etc.

Note: there are restrictions re males attending camp/overnight stays. Some parents have issues with the opposite sex being involved.

I actually found that I got a great amount of laughter, fun and rejuvination from the camp team volunteering I did.

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