Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the emu bob

Where ever there are people there is rubbish.  So at the end of an activity, event, camp, or what ever the things left behind by the people must be removed and disposed of.

An emu bob has every person available holding a bag for rubbish that is found.  When the signal has been given every one walks around (hopefully in an orderly manner) picking up bits or rubbish. There usually is something really nice at the other end of this duty for special people. With all the bits bound to be found everyone is bobbing up and down like an Emu.  Hence this activity is called and Eu bob.

An extension of this activity is Clean up Australia Day that occurs on the first Sunday of March each year.  One of the founders and principle characters with Clean up Australia Day is a Guide.  Wonder where she learned and practiced for moving from Emu Bob into Clean Up Australia Day and now Clean up the World campaigne.

See a little bit of 'Rubbish' can take you a long way..

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