Saturday, May 19, 2012

This tent inner is now up.

One of the practice nights getting the inner up.
Before any camp or tenting activity was entered into the Guides would spent weeks familiarizing themselves with tent protocol. The best way to achieve this was to actually put the tents up.  They soon would realise that what worked for one tent type did not necessarily work for another. But the team work necessary was always emphasised. And it was better to get over it and get on with it it that not want to participate thus slowing everyone else down.

No matter what type of shelter
 things got done successfully
 when there was team work.
This particular purple tent is one of the new ones that a mother had purchased for her family.  It was large enough to fit eight Guides in a sleeping arrangement. 

First the tent inner had to be in place and then the tent outer put up over every thing. 
Finally the inner of the tent is up.  Then in would go all the bags and packs.  That was until the leaders made sure the tent was safe to enter.  Out came all the bags and neatly arranged they would be put back into under the outer lining.  

The leaders waited until the tent had gone  up a few times then came the challenge: To get the whole tent up, as a patrol, in less that 3 minutes. The older Guides worked out that with four people it was quicker than with 5 people or more.

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