Sunday, February 12, 2012

Igniting an emergency fire without a match

There you are suck without a serviceable match.  How then can you start a fire?

In this post there are suggestions
how to start a fire for both warmth and food.   What you need to be aware of is that there are situations that this scenario does happen in.  Safety while you obtain both warmth and food is your primary concern.  Not gaining a spark that soon starts a blaze which is out of control.

Here are the steps you should follow pre-emptive of your fire igniting.

  1. Prepare your work surface and fire place.
    1. Is there a first aid box on hand.
    2. What about something to put out the fire with?
    3. Is there sufficient safety around the fireplace to avoid fire jumping out and causing uncontrolled fire blazes? 
    4. Will there always be an responsible coherent adult near by [very close] supervising the fire?
  2. Listed below are a few ways of igniting a flame. Please note that the area around your intended fire should be free of dry materials that can ignite.  This circular area is recommended to be 3 meters in diameter ... if not five.
    1. Fire from a buddy burner
    2. How to make fire from Ice       Refer diagram .... >
    3. How to make fire with a water bottle Refer diagram...>
    4. How to start a fire by fiction
    5. How to start a fire with an aluminium can and a chocolate bar
    6. Safety rules for pine cone firelighters
    7. Who needs a match or a lighter to start a fire
  3. Please note this disclaimer:  Fire is dangerous when allowed to be experimented with in uncontrolled and unsupervised conditions.  Be very careful you do not become an arsonist.  Be safe and well.


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