Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Never have an open flame in fire season Red Alerts.

Farm land no longer there now because houses occupy this area.
Australia is a land of contrasts.  People, time, culture, occupation, interests. Even holiday destinations and even expectations.  What does not change though is the desire to have a break in peace.  Then to return home safety. 
Up in the hills and there is a haze.
 First thought was "where;s the fire?"
Smoke on the horizon.
Lush small vegetation within a State Forest.
Sometimes things do go horribly wrong. The weather may be changeable, taxing what you have packed and have supplies for. 
The preparations that have been taken before hand  may have been the wrong ones.  However team work and leadership combined with a reasonable clear mind can hold a camping family together. 
1 year after the Boolarra fires

 During the 2009 Churchill Fires
Be careful what you teach, to who,me you teach it.  Show and give definite directions with clear and understandable boundaries.   Trees in Australia may grow again.  People, and the lives that are destroyed do not.

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