Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have people holding the end of the poles for safety

The first step is to lay our the inner on the ground.  Work out which way the doors are going to be facing. Fix up the poles.  In this tent there are a total of three.  Two go from corner to corner -crossing over the middle.  And one goes through the outer opening the front section of the outer.

Here is one of our Leaders explaining to three new Guides where to place the ends of the light weight pole into the tent hole. The Guide in the middle of the tent is experienced at putting this tent up. Note this Guide is not wearing shoes.  That way the internal floor is less likely to get damaged.

Mean while there are actually two Guides [you cannot see them] holding the ends of the pole ready to place these ends into the outside corner slots.

After the second pole is in place then the Guide in the middle here just simply takes the toggle on the middle of the tent and loops it over both poles - and under the other material loop.  This secures the poles to the tent.

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