Friday, December 11, 2009

The ideal water supply for Girl Guides out and about

I found that the ideal water supply to carry on mapping jobs and rogaines is one that is flexible enough to conform to your body shape in a back pack and is ready to yield a drink when needed.

Heavy fabric outer cover to contain wine cask bladder.

Rubber stopper with 8mm hole.
Capacity is about 2.5 litres. Weight (full) is 2.8 kilograms.
Taps, tubes and stoppers are available from most home-brew supply shops.
Recycled art and craft day

The bladder from a wine cask is a safe food quality plastic, readily available but has limitations in its shape and its rubber dispensing tap. The bladder can be made to conform to many shapes when contained in a heavy fabric outer cover. The rubber tap can be replaced with a rubber stopper and a plastic tap. The first container I used was in the shape of a Spanish wine skin. Although comfortable in the pack it had the disadvantage of requiring a stop to retrieve it from the back pack to obtain a drink. The next modification added a clear plastic tube,

Several 2mm drill holes through tube.
long enough to reach from the back pack over the shoulder to hang at the waist with a small tap at the end. This worked well except that, at times, a hard suck was needed when the bladder blocked the end of the tube.
The latest model in the illustrations seems to have overcome this problem and proved satisfactory during several

bush walks and a rogaine. It enables small mouthfuls of water to be taken when needed, without stopping.
Can anyone suggest any improve¬ments?
Ray Kelly
Submitted by the Adventurous Activity
Resource Committee

HOW could six ranger guides and two leaders best spend a Saturday afternoon? How could they involve almost 60 gumnut guides, brownie guides, guides and leaders, and even some little brothers and sisters? How could they stimulate the imagination, creative ability, inventiveness and design abilities in all these people?
The answer was the inaugural 1st Cairns Ranger Guide Unit Recycle Art and Craft Day. The aim of the project was to make the girls aware that almost everything can be recycled and used

again—it just takes some thought.

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