Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Try again with the shrubs for a fence line

.Where did the shrubs I planted go again?.

I knew the grass was getting long.  I was to mow around the shrubs that I had planted on Thursday.  That is as soon as I had time off work and could also get the lawn mower and clippers down to the Hazelwood South Hall.

however I turned up on Wednesday last week to begin raking under the shrubs next to the gun clubs fence line and noticed that the shrubs and grass had all been mowed down.  There were no sticks, plants or anything except mowed grass.  The Calistamon that was so beautifully flowering was gone as well.

The next night at a Gipp's Guide meeting a discussion took place.  I asked for help in lining a next shrub bed with bricks carried over from the "brickery'  I had noted that the earth area that some party goers had lit a fire in was not mowed over.  Instead this eyesore was carefully mowed around.  The Brickery was left too.  Logically If there are bricks the lawn mower man will not tamper with them.  However if there is obviously long grass in one area strip then by all means mow it over.  There could be something of value there! This time I intend to really well bang in the wooden poles deep into the ground.  Lace the area with read and white warning tape [means do not enter this area].  The new shrubs will have already been planted to make use of this rainy period that we seem to be experiencing.

So in two Thursday's time there will be bricks in place and hopefully time to rake up the leaves from the other shrubs and mulch the new shrub area as well.

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