Saturday, September 18, 2010

Creating a campfire dash

The following chemicals used sparingly are able to create a really great 'WoW' effect.  But remember campfires are unforgettable for other reasons too.  Just a little of the chemicals goes a really long way. 

It is better to halve the amount you think you need.. at least twice. Just so that you are more controlled with what you are doing and the audience that has little ones does not become so scared that campfires are a means of fear and mental torture in the future.

  1. Strontium chloride produces bright red flames
  2. Magnesium sulphate (Epson Salts) gives white flames
  3. Calcium chloride for blue flames.
  4. Copper sulphate (blue vitrol) has a green flame
  5. Thallium (Alum- used in pickle making) has a bright green flame
  6. Baron salts (borax -20 mule team borax in the laundry aisle) has a yellowish-green flame
  7. Potassium sulphate mixed 3 to 1 with potassium nitrate will show off a violet flame
  8. Boric Acid for deep red flames
  • Mix the dryed red, white and blue pine scales and have a patriotic fire!
Most of these chemicals are available in the grocery store or pharmacy. Strontium chloride is used in aquariums so check your pet store for this one.

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