Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to 'Take this, and that' camping.

Oh, the return of the Back Packer

Backpacking into the suns glow...                                             
Way to early for Breakfast. 
Just where to look for that get up and go...
Stuck here in this weekend’s scenario.
The packing list said,...umm.... I don’t give a toss
I need the hair dryer, shaver, hair straighter, lip-gloss...
And don’t forget too dental floss.
Mum doesn't know what to pack,
I’ll sneak in one more little snack.
Recons being 'outdoorsy' should dress in ..
                           like a hessian sack!
Fashion no 1
I'm not going to come undone.
But where is the spare three socket plug when my blow dryer needs an amp
To plug in my looking good make up lamp.
My face, my hair my whole attire, why I look like a vamp

There was a piece of paper with a compact list.
So add to all that my makeup, facepack and hygine kit
[deodrant, tweasers and cream for the pesty zit.]
Oh heaven campings going to be  a bliss!

Oh no, here’s the sun

The bed yet to be made and I’m far from done.

On the camp fashion scarecrow I’m number one.

The sleeping bag to be shaken,

And if I’m mistaken

My fizzy drink bottles some ones taken.

And cold rain is a shower not to be!
I don’t think I need worry

Homeward bound I’ll hurry

By the end of next week only mum will be sorry

The mess on my bed, washing on my floor,

The back pack thrown behind the door,

Mum will want the peace and space so off I’ll go to camp once more.
Hiding 'it' well cause it's somewhere still on my bedroom floor
That piece of paper was only fit to ignore.
Even though the camp packing list still say’s: ‘no pressure sprays, radio,
Phone or mp4’
Wonder why my shoulder, neck back and legs are still so sore.

Attempt at poetry by Susan Connor

Follow through on you'll find details here.

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