Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tent and Gadget Overnight stay Campfire songs and plan

Planning the campfire program for the otent and gadget overnight stay is progressing okay.  Different songs selected have been brought to Guides and yes we have had a meery time keeping out of tune but making a lot of noises.

Campfire opening
100 years of Guiding
My Favourite things

Guide Law Song
Oh bring back my leader to me

Song of the bins
Kookaburra Sits on the old Gum tree
Oh I had a little chicken but it

Countdown Cheer
Make new friends
Go well and go safetly
Invitation to evening Tapps

Not sure if Alice the Camel should be squeezed into this program.  We'll see.

Have yet to make up the booklets and that's a next weeks job. .. once I've located graphics to use so the program pages are not so boaring. 

[Also need to have the printing of the overnight stay forms done to]

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