Thursday, November 12, 2009

The basic Sleeping bag

Firstly you will need a sleeping bag. There are basically two types of sleeping bags -ones filled with down or feathers and ones filled with synthetic material.
Down-filled ones are generally lighter, less bulky and warmer but they are mere expensive and harder to dry if they get wet.

Bags come in all sorts of shapes and thicknesses. Bags with a hood and drawstring around the neck will keep you warmer than those without. The warmest shape is called a "mummy" bag.
Choose a bag that has an insulated flap along the zip so that you don't get cold along the zip line and one that can be unzipped from the inside and outside of the bag.

Most sleeping bags come with a cover or stuff bag. Down sleeping bags are simply 'stuffed', feet end first into this bag. Synthetic sleeping bags are generally rolled up and slipped into their cover. If you don't have a cover for your sleeping bag you could make one or make a couple of strong bands of elastic to hold it together.

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